Casino Career?

The London Academy of Gaming provides croupier training to the highest standard to meet the needs of the top Casinos in the United Kingdom, primarily London casinos.

We offer 2 services to our students:

1) Croupier training
2) Guaranteed job in a UK casino or we will refund that part of your fee T&Cís apply.

Our trainee croupiers are keen, enthusiastic and come from all over the UK and Europe. The students pay for their own training and are therefore highly committed.


Are you keen to work in the casino industry as a croupier?


"The evening course is especially tailored and is set to run from 6pm to 9.30pm, 5 nights per week over 5/6 weeks"

No previous experience necessary

"The course is trained by Karen Taylor and a team of some of the most effective trainers in the UK"

Keep your existing job whilst you are undertaking the 5 week training program, as we offer courses in the evenings.

We are located in central London and we are the only private central London croupier training academy.

Places in our academy are limited. Our recruitment and interview process is strict and not every applicant is given a place in the academy. As well as the croupier training, there is a heavy emphasis on appearance and grooming (long since neglected in some training schools).

London Academy of Gaming specialize in Croupier training where our students are trained (full time) over 5 weeks in all aspects of 3 games American Roulette, Black Jack & 3 Card Poker, We also train clients is Texas Hold-Em at weekends

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